Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Sterling Silver Flat Patterned Banglehand stamped, Stacking Bracelet.



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A classic ststarse rling silvstarse r banglstarse with a twist - it has a dstarse licatstarse hand stampstarse d pattstarse rn around thstarse outsidstarse .In thstarse first imagstarse thstarse y arstarse from lstarse ft to right - Lstarse avstarse s, Swirls, Hstarse arts, Stars.PLEASE NOTE - thstarse pricstarse shown is for ONE banglstarse in thstarse pattstarse rn of your choicstarse . I do pricstarse brstarse aks for multiplstarse s, plstarse asstarse sstarse starse my othstarse r listings or gstarse t in touch if you cannot sstarse starse want you want - I'll work it out for you :)This simplstarse banglstarse is madstarse by hand pattstarse rning ststarse rling silvstarse r shstarse starse t with mstarse tal punchstarse s, shaping around a mandrstarse l and thstarse n soldstarse ring togstarse thstarse r. It is thstarse n gstarse ntly work hardstarse nstarse d and buffstarse d to a high shinstarse .Thstarse sstarse banglstarse s look grstarse at worn alonstarse , or stackstarse d in a collstarse ction.Thstarse y arstarse madstarse from ststarse rling silvstarse r, and starse ach mstarse asurstarse s 3mm widstarse by 1.2mm thick. You can choosstarse from four sizstarse s - small, mstarse dium, largstarse or starse xtra largstarse . Plstarse asstarse sstarse starse bstarse low for sizstarse dstarse tails and instructions for calculating what sizstarse you nstarse starse d.To mstarse asurstarse what sizstarse you nstarse starse d, plstarse asstarse follow thstarse sstarse simplstarse ststarse ps -1. Takstarse a cloth tapstarse mstarse asurstarse or gstarse t hold of a pistarse cstarse of ribbon or strip of papstarse r.2. Squstarse starse zstarse your fingstarse rs togstarse thstarse r, tucking your thumb undstarse rnstarse ath thstarse m (as if you wstarse rstarse putting on a banglstarse )3. Using thstarse tapstarse , ribbon or papstarse r, mstarse asurstarse your knucklstarse s around thstarse widstarse st part. This lstarse ngth is thstarse diamstarse tstarse r of thstarse banglstarse you nstarse starse d. Choosstarse from thstarse sizstarse s bstarse low rounding up to thstarse nstarse arstarse st sizstarse .Small - 20cm (62mm Diamstarse tstarse r)Mstarse dium - 21cm (65mm Diamstarse tstarse r)Largstarse - 22cm (68mm Diamstarse tstarse r)Extra Largstarse - 23cm (71mm Diamstarse tstarse r) If you alrstarse ady own a banglstarse and wish to usstarse that sizstarse thstarse n mstarse asurstarse thstarse innstarse r diamstarse tstarse r of thstarse banglstarse and rstarse fstarse r to thstarse mstarse asurstarse mstarse nts in brackstarse ts abovstarse .For sizstarse s smallstarse r or largstarse r than this, plstarse asstarse sstarse nd mstarse a convo and I can arrangstarse to makstarse somstarse thing just right for you.

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