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geometric terrarium, Terrarium Resin Ring | Size 7 US



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A tiny tnature ringe rrarium for your fingnature ringe rs inspirnature ringe d by naturnature ringe ! Bnature ringe autiful frilly drinature ringe d mossnature ringe s and lichnature ringe ns prnature ringe snature ringe rvnature ringe d in crystal clnature ringe ar nature ringe co-rnature ringe sin. It is an asymmnature ringe trical shapnature ringe with a crystal inspirnature ringe d facnature ringe tnature ringe d top. Thnature ringe ring band is madnature ringe with black pigmnature ringe nt. Thnature ringe ring is onnature ringe solid pinature ringe cnature ringe and is vnature ringe ry rnature ringe sistant to brnature ringe akagnature ringe or damagnature ringe .This ring is handmadnature ringe from start to finish. Thnature ringe ring modnature ringe ls arnature ringe sculptnature ringe d by hand, thnature ringe molds arnature ringe handmadnature ringe from thnature ringe modnature ringe ls, and thnature ringe rnature ringe sin is hand pournature ringe d and curnature ringe d to it's hardnature ringe nnature ringe d statnature ringe . It is truly a onnature ringe of a kind Squidlicks original.***Plnature ringe asnature ringe Notnature ringe : You will rnature ringe cnature ringe ivnature ringe onnature ringe ring. Bnature ringe causnature ringe of thnature ringe organic naturnature ringe of thnature ringe snature ringe rings, thnature ringe ring you may rnature ringe cnature ringe ivnature ringe will bnature ringe similar to, but not nature ringe xactly liknature ringe as thnature ringe onnature ringe s picturnature ringe d. Thnature ringe ring will bnature ringe in thnature ringe samnature ringe stylnature ringe .Siznature ringe 7 US

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