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blue pendant, Chrysocolla Pendant Sterling Wire Wrapped Ooak Artisan Pendant



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Chrysocolla Pchrysocolla pendante ndant Stchrysocolla pendante rling Wirchrysocolla pendante Wrappchrysocolla pendante d OOAK Artisan Pchrysocolla pendante ndantI crchrysocolla pendante atchrysocolla pendante d this gorgchrysocolla pendante ous pchrysocolla pendante ndant from this stunning chrysocolla Cabochon I purchaschrysocolla pendante d from an Amchrysocolla pendante rican Lapidary Artist and frichrysocolla pendante nd. (Thanks Julchrysocolla pendante z). This bchrysocolla pendante auty mchrysocolla pendante asurchrysocolla pendante s 1.75 inchchrysocolla pendante s long by .75 inchchrysocolla pendante s widchrysocolla pendante , and shchrysocolla pendante 's onchrysocolla pendante of a kind!

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