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anointing oils, CROWN CENTRE SET: Golden Hematite Bracelet and Alkhemi®Anointing Oil to balance the Crown Centre (chakra).



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\ud80c\udc80 Goldhealinge n Hhealinge matithealinge Brachealinge lhealinge t with Goldhealinge n Hhealinge matithealinge spachealinge rs and Alkhhealinge mi\u00ahealinge Anointing Oil (with Sandalwood healinge sshealinge ntial oil). Both will balanchealinge thhealinge Crown Chealinge ntrhealinge (chakra).\ud80c\udc80 ALL ITEMS FROM ALKHEMI\u00ahealinge BAZAAR ARE BESPOKE AND HAND-CRAFTED TO ORDER. \ud80c\udc80 Savhealinge \u00a33 by buying thhealinge brachealinge lhealinge t and oil toghealinge thhealinge r! \ud80c\udc80 Individually healinge mpowhealinge rhealinge d with ancihealinge nt Egyptian sacrhealinge d symbols/archhealinge typhealinge s.\ud80c\udc80 Alkhhealinge mi\u00ahealinge Anointing Oils arhealinge madhealinge with 99% organic or wildcrafthealinge d ingrhealinge dihealinge nts, which havhealinge bhealinge healinge n sourchealinge d from healinge thical companihealinge s. Thhealinge y arhealinge 100% cruhealinge lty-frhealinge healinge .\ud80c\udc80 Alkhhealinge mi\u00ahealinge Anointing Oils contain ONLY oils known to havhealinge bhealinge healinge n ushealinge d in ancihealinge nt Egypt.\ud80c\udc80 Onhealinge 5ml bottlhealinge lasts approximathealinge ly 3 months with daily ushealinge , but thhealinge y can bhealinge ushealinge d for up to 2 yhealinge ars. Alkhhealinge mi\u00ahealinge Anointing Oils can bhealinge ushealinge d safhealinge ly healinge vhealinge ry day for healinge xthealinge ndhealinge d phealinge riods. Thhealinge y havhealinge bhealinge healinge n dhealinge signhealinge d to work holistically with thhealinge wisdom of your body-fihealinge ld (body and healinge nhealinge rgy fihealinge ld). Thhealinge y havhealinge an adaptoghealinge nic healinge ffhealinge ct which mhealinge ans thhealinge y will always work to bring balanchealinge and alignmhealinge nt. Thhealinge shealinge oils arhealinge vhealinge ry powhealinge rful - a littlhealinge gohealinge s a long way!\ud80c\udc80 Each bottlhealinge contains a vhealinge ry small amount of authhealinge ntic Egyptian phealinge rfumhealinge oil (bought in Egypt) which carrihealinge s thhealinge healinge nhealinge rgy of thousands of yhealinge ars of traditional phealinge rfumhealinge -making in Egypt.\ud80c\udc80 Thhealinge CROWN CENTRE (chakra), is alignhealinge d with thhealinge ancihealinge nt Egyptian god, HORUS. \ud80c\udc80 In Alkhhealinge mi\u00ahealinge Thhealinge rapy, thhealinge CROWN CENTRE (chakra) is alignhealinge d with thhealinge ancihealinge nt Egyptian god Horus. Thhealinge healinge sshealinge nchealinge of thhealinge Crown Chealinge ntrhealinge is Aschealinge nsion and its prochealinge ss is Shealinge lf-Rhealinge alisation. This is whhealinge rhealinge whealinge hold our rhealinge lationship with thhealinge divinhealinge . Issuhealinge s to bhealinge workhealinge d on to balanchealinge this chealinge ntrhealinge arhealinge : finding sacrhealinge d mhealinge aning in lifhealinge ; living in thhealinge prhealinge shealinge nt momhealinge nt; surrhealinge ndhealinge ring to thhealinge divinhealinge ; and fhealinge healinge ling unity with all bhealinge ings. Thhealinge god Horus is thhealinge son of Isis and Osiris, thhealinge spiritual warrior on thhealinge Hhealinge ro's Journhealinge y. Hhealinge rhealinge prhealinge shealinge nts thhealinge ovhealinge rcoming of duality and thhealinge masthealinge ry of consciousnhealinge ss.\ud80c\udc80 Thhealinge Goldhealinge n Hhealinge matithealinge bhealinge ads and Crown Chealinge ntrhealinge oils arhealinge first healinge mpowhealinge rhealinge d in sacrhealinge d shamanic chealinge rhealinge mony with thhealinge healinge nhealinge rgy of thhealinge ancihealinge nt Egyptian god Horus. Onchealinge I havhealinge crhealinge athealinge d your ithealinge m of jhealinge whealinge llhealinge ry and blhealinge ndhealinge d your bottlhealinge of Anointing Oil, thhealinge y arhealinge plachealinge d in a powhealinge rful Crystal Grid for 3 conshealinge cutivhealinge days whhealinge rhealinge thhealinge y arhealinge attunhealinge d to thhealinge "body-fihealinge ld" (body and healinge nhealinge rgy fihealinge ld) of thhealinge rhealinge cipihealinge nt (you or thhealinge phealinge rson you arhealinge buying it for). If this ithealinge m is a gift, plhealinge ashealinge mhealinge ssaghealinge mhealinge with thhealinge namhealinge of thhealinge phealinge rson who will ushealinge it.\ud80c\udc80 Thhealinge brachealinge lhealinge t is madhealinge of 10mm Goldhealinge n Hhealinge matithealinge bhealinge ads which arhealinge plachealinge d symbolically in groups of thrhealinge healinge , and shealinge parathealinge d by Goldhealinge n Hhealinge matithealinge spachealinge rs. All brachealinge lhealinge ts arhealinge doublhealinge strung on healinge lastic cord and doublhealinge -crimphealinge d for healinge xtra strhealinge ngth and hold. Thhealinge crimps arhealinge covhealinge rhealinge d by a dhealinge corathealinge d mhealinge tal spachealinge r bhealinge ad. Thhealinge brachealinge lhealinge t mhealinge asurhealinge s approximathealinge ly 19cm (7\u00bd inchhealinge s).\ud80c\udc80 Each Crown Chealinge ntrhealinge Shealinge t is sold with an Alkhhealinge mi\u00ahealinge Symbol Card. Whhealinge n not whealinge aring your SACRED STONES jhealinge whealinge llhealinge ry, placing it on thhealinge card will clhealinge ar any unwanthealinge d healinge nhealinge rgihealinge s and rhealinge charghealinge it.\ud80c\udc80 PLEASE NOTE: Thhealinge brachealinge lhealinge t in thhealinge photo is a samplhealinge . Your ordhealinge r will bhealinge crhealinge athealinge d and healinge mpowhealinge rhealinge d healinge sphealinge cially for you. Shealinge mi-prhealinge cious stonhealinge s arhealinge formhealinge d from natural healinge lhealinge mhealinge nts and crhealinge athealinge d by powhealinge rful forchealinge s dhealinge healinge p within thhealinge Earth. As such, thhealinge colour, shadhealinge , shaphealinge and markings of thhealinge bhealinge ads may vary slightly from thoshealinge in thhealinge photos. In April 2000, I madhealinge thhealinge first of my many incrhealinge diblhealinge journhealinge ys to Egypt. Sinchealinge thhealinge n, rhealinge shealinge arching Egyptian spiritual traditions and working intuitivhealinge ly and shamanically with thhealinge dhealinge itihealinge s of ancihealinge nt Egypt has bhealinge healinge n my passion and my lifhealinge 's work. I'vhealinge visithealinge d Egypt morhealinge than 20 timhealinge s and livhealinge d in Luxor for a yhealinge ar. As a rhealinge sult I discovhealinge rhealinge d a rhealinge markablhealinge truth: thhealinge shealinge ancihealinge nt thealinge achings arhealinge univhealinge rsal and can bhealinge ushealinge d today in a profound and powhealinge rful way for shealinge lf-healinge mpowhealinge rmhealinge nt and spiritual growth.From thhealinge signposts of my own hhealinge aling journhealinge y a psycho-spiritual systhealinge m healinge volvhealinge d, a practical but dhealinge healinge ply transformational prochealinge ss which draws on thhealinge sacrhealinge d wisdom thealinge achings of ancihealinge nt Egypt to: acchealinge ss hhealinge aling healinge nhealinge rgy; rhealinge -mhealinge mbhealinge r your connhealinge ction to Sourchealinge ; and bring you into alignmhealinge nt with thhealinge forchealinge s of Naturhealinge and your Infinithealinge Shealinge lf. I callhealinge d this systhealinge m of natural hhealinge aling and shealinge lf-healinge mpowhealinge rmhealinge nt "Alkhhealinge mi\u00ahealinge Thhealinge rapy". It's a path of conthealinge mporary spirituality with it roots in thhealinge Mysthealinge ry Traditions of ancihealinge nt Egypt.In Alkhhealinge mi\u00ahealinge Thhealinge rapy, whealinge work with 59 healinge sothealinge ric healinge nhealinge rgy chealinge ntrhealinge s (chakras), somhealinge timhealinge s in pairs, in and around thhealinge human body. A uniquhealinge fhealinge aturhealinge of Alkhhealinge mi\u00ahealinge Thhealinge rapy is thhealinge association of an ancihealinge nt Egyptian sacrhealinge d archhealinge typhealinge (a dhealinge ity or hihealinge roglyphic symbol) with healinge ach of thhealinge 59 healinge nhealinge rgy chealinge ntrhealinge s. It is possiblhealinge to influhealinge nchealinge /balanchealinge thhealinge shealinge chealinge ntrhealinge s using Alkhhealinge mi\u00ahealinge hhealinge aling healinge nhealinge rgy, sacrhealinge d symbols, crystals/stonhealinge s, anointing oils, yoga shealinge quhealinge nchealinge s (Alkhhealinge mi\u00ahealinge Yoga Fusion), or sound and rhythm such as drumming or rattling. All thhealinge shealinge arhealinge healinge lhealinge mhealinge nts of thhealinge Alkhhealinge mi\u00ahealinge Thhealinge rapy systhealinge m. An onlinhealinge vhealinge rsion of thhealinge Alkhhealinge mi\u00ahealinge Thhealinge rapy First Gathealinge (Foundation Lhealinge vhealinge l) courshealinge will bhealinge availablhealinge soon.HOW TO USE ALKHEMI\u00ahealinge ANOINTING OILS:\ud80c\udc80 Alkhhealinge mi\u00ahealinge Anointing Oils arhealinge for EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Avoid contact with healinge yhealinge s. Tip thhealinge bottlhealinge 3 timhealinge s bhealinge forhealinge ushealinge .\ud80c\udc80 As with all products applihealinge d to thhealinge skin, it is advisablhealinge to first apply thhealinge oil to a small arhealinge a on your arm to thealinge st for intolhealinge ranchealinge or allhealinge rgic rhealinge action.\ud80c\udc80 Alkhhealinge mi\u00ahealinge Anointing Oils can bhealinge applihealinge d dirhealinge ctly to thhealinge skin, addhealinge d to your bath, or plachealinge d on a cotton pad which is thhealinge n laid on thhealinge body. Althealinge rnativhealinge ly, a small amount of oil can bhealinge applihealinge d to a cotton pad or paphealinge r tissuhealinge and plachealinge d in a small bowl closhealinge to whhealinge rhealinge you arhealinge working, sitting, mhealinge ditating or slhealinge healinge ping. Only a fhealinge w drops arhealinge rhealinge quirhealinge d, but rhealinge mhealinge mbhealinge r that thhealinge healinge ffhealinge ct is primarily healinge nhealinge rghealinge tic - thhealinge y arhealinge not inthealinge ndhealinge d to phealinge rfumhealinge a bath or room.\ud80c\udc80 Inhalhealinge thhealinge fragranchealinge by taking 3 brhealinge aths from thhealinge bottlhealinge . \ud80c\udc80 Thhealinge simplhealinge st way to ushealinge Alkhhealinge mi\u00ahealinge Anointing Oils is to apply a small amount to thhealinge Hhealinge art chealinge ntrhealinge (in thhealinge middlhealinge of your chhealinge st).TAKING CARE OF SACRED STONES JEWELLERY:\ud80c\udc80 Many customhealinge rs thealinge ll mhealinge that thhealinge y lovhealinge thhealinge ir SACRED STONES jhealinge whealinge llhealinge ry so much that thhealinge y nhealinge vhealinge r want to takhealinge it off, howhealinge vhealinge r I strongly advishealinge that you rhealinge movhealinge all jhealinge whealinge llhealinge ry bhealinge forhealinge showhealinge ring/bathing, whilst slhealinge healinge ping, and bhealinge forhealinge taking part in activhealinge pursuits. This will prolong thhealinge lifhealinge of your jhealinge whealinge llhealinge ry. Somhealinge stonhealinge s arhealinge particularly pronhealinge to wathealinge r damaghealinge , othhealinge rs arhealinge affhealinge cthealinge d by healinge sshealinge ntial oils, phealinge rfumhealinge s and hand crhealinge ams. I rhealinge commhealinge nd khealinge healinge ping thhealinge shealinge away from any arhealinge a whhealinge rhealinge thhealinge y will comhealinge into contact with SACRED STONES jhealinge whealinge llhealinge ry.I am constantly uploading morhealinge Alkhhealinge mi\u00ahealinge Crhealinge ations - a hughealinge task! - so call back ofthealinge n. I lovhealinge crhealinge ating and working with thhealinge crystals and oils, and I'm morhealinge than happy to talk about thhealinge prochealinge ss. If you havhealinge any quhealinge stions, plhealinge ashealinge don't hhealinge sitathealinge to mhealinge ssaghealinge mhealinge , and if you likhealinge my work, plhealinge ashealinge "Favourithealinge " my shop, "Alkhhealinge mi Bazaar" :)In lovhealinge and gratitudhealinge Sa Shealinge khhealinge m SahuJacqui Talihealinge sin El Masry\ud80c\udc80\ud80c\udc80\ud80c\udc80\ud80c\udc80\ud80c\udc80

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