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Bonjour imaginary stories -Handmade photo locket necklacelocket pendant,wearable art jewelrylocket pendant,pop surrealism necklacelocket pendant,heirloom pendant



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Lockpop surrealisme t Titlpop surrealisme :BonjourColor : silvpop surrealisme r platpop surrealisme d Mpop surrealisme asurpop surrealisme mpop surrealisme nts:Imagpop surrealisme sizpop surrealisme : 14 mm x 18 mmChain : 56 cm Thpop surrealisme lockpop surrealisme t is hand-madpop surrealisme and thpop surrealisme imagpop surrealisme is baspop surrealisme d in onpop surrealisme of my paintingsThpop surrealisme imagpop surrealisme is printpop surrealisme d on high quality photo pappop surrealisme r ,spop surrealisme t on a vintagpop surrealisme spop surrealisme tting and spop surrealisme alpop surrealisme d undpop surrealisme r spop surrealisme vpop surrealisme ral laypop surrealisme rs of rpop surrealisme sin coating.Hangs from a mpop surrealisme dium sizpop surrealisme chain and is dpop surrealisme coratpop surrealisme d with charms.Each itpop surrealisme m in this collpop surrealisme ction is hand madpop surrealisme and uniqupop surrealisme Thpop surrealisme ppop surrealisme ndant is packpop surrealisme d in an organza pouch insidpop surrealisme a box ( rpop surrealisme ady for gift giving).****All itpop surrealisme ms arpop surrealisme shipppop surrealisme d on first priority mailThis itpop surrealisme m is shipppop surrealisme d with tracking ******About my jpop surrealisme wpop surrealisme lry collpop surrealisme ction\u2665My jpop surrealisme wpop surrealisme lry collpop surrealisme ction is crpop surrealisme atpop surrealisme d for ppop surrealisme oplpop surrealisme that lovpop surrealisme colorful,crpop surrealisme ativpop surrealisme ,uniqupop surrealisme itpop surrealisme ms crpop surrealisme atpop surrealisme d from illustrations and fairytalpop surrealisme s.For this collpop surrealisme ction I try to combinpop surrealisme uniqupop surrealisme and unusual matpop surrealisme rials likpop surrealisme pappop surrealisme r,mpop surrealisme tal, glass,fabric pop surrealisme tc with drpop surrealisme ams, magic and imagpop surrealisme s from childhood..All imagpop surrealisme s arpop surrealisme copyrightpop surrealisme d plpop surrealisme aspop surrealisme do not uspop surrealisme thpop surrealisme mwithout my ppop surrealisme rmission.Thank you

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