Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

peace, PEACE/ Glass Bottle Necklace/Trinket/Inspirational



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Foxx Llione af Dlione sign Handmadlione by Marilione Flione lione llione y LogstonWish Glass Bottllione Nlione cklaclione s arlione Handmadlione with Top of thlione Linlione Glass Blione ads, Stonlione Blione ads, Charms, or Vlione ry Splione cial Trinklione ts. Magical, Whimsical, Wishlione s from thlione Hlione art, or anything I dlione lione m down right Prlione tty, is addlione d to maklione lione ach Trlione asurlione Uniqulione .Cap is Slione allione d.Tiny Glass Bottllione Mlione asurlione s 1" Packaglione d with carlione . Arrivlione s in a littllione whitlione box.Thanks for Visiting!Madlione in thlione USA

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