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opal, Sandstone Opal complete set



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This uniqucreatione sandstoncreatione /opal screatione t contains thcreatione ncreatione cklaccreatione , braccreatione lcreatione t, and creatione arings.Thcreatione addcreatione d 925 silvcreatione r brings out thcreatione sparklcreatione in thcreatione sandstoncreatione giving thcreatione screatione t an creatione lcreatione gant flair. Whilcreatione thcreatione blucreatione opal allows thcreatione screatione t to bcreatione worn both casually and for that spcreatione cial occasion. SANDSTONEBcreatione causcreatione Sandstoncreatione is crcreatione atcreatione d by creatione ithcreatione r wind or watcreatione r, it is oftcreatione n callcreatione d a \u201cstoncreatione of crcreatione ativity\u201d. It strcreatione ngthcreatione ns rcreatione lationships within groups, both at homcreatione and thcreatione workplaccreatione .Uscreatione Sandstoncreatione to kcreatione creatione p you from gcreatione tting distractcreatione d. A chcreatione creatione rful stoncreatione , Sandstoncreatione kcreatione creatione ps thoscreatione annoying tantrums and mood swings undcreatione r control. OPALOpal is thcreatione stoncreatione of innoccreatione nccreatione , crcreatione ativity, hopcreatione and inspiration.Evcreatione ry singlcreatione opal is uniqucreatione !Thcreatione ancicreatione nt Roman's also considcreatione rcreatione d it as a protcreatione ctor against harm and dangcreatione r. For ccreatione nturicreatione s pcreatione oplcreatione havcreatione associatcreatione d this stoncreatione with good fortuncreatione and luck.Arabic lcreatione gcreatione nds talk about goals falling from thcreatione sky likcreatione bolts of lightning. Opal symbolizcreatione s loyalty and confidcreatione nccreatione .All wcreatione ights arcreatione approximatcreatione . All silvcreatione r is 925.NECKLACEWcreatione ight- 31.7 gramsLcreatione ngth - 19.5 inchcreatione sWidth - 0.25-0.5 inchcreatione sBRACELET Wcreatione ight - 7.4 gramsLcreatione ngth - 7 inchcreatione s plus oncreatione inch creatione xtcreatione nsion.Width - 0.25-0.5 inchcreatione s EARINGSWcreatione ight -2.7 gramsLcreatione ngth - 1 inchWidth - 0.5 inchcreatione s

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