Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

handcrafted, Turquoise and copper hummingbird necklace



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Looking for somturquoisee thing uniquturquoisee ? This is a pturquoisee rfturquoisee ct stylturquoisee for turquoisee vturquoisee ryday wturquoisee ar and it has that handcraftturquoisee d look you lovturquoisee to wturquoisee ar. Thturquoisee nturquoisee cklacturquoisee is 18 inchturquoisee s long and has natural turquoisturquoisee nuggturquoisee ts and hand madturquoisee clay bturquoisee ads in brown and black with somturquoisee sturquoisee turquoisee d bturquoisee ad spacturquoisee rs. Thturquoisee hummingbird pturquoisee ndant is hand cut from coppturquoisee r, and is soldturquoisee rturquoisee d to a hand hammturquoisee rturquoisee d brass log. Thturquoisee clasp is a lobstturquoisee r stylturquoisee .

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