Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

initial, Vintage Sterling Silver Hand Engraved Initial "R" Belt Buckle FREE SHIPPING! #R-BK2



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Vintagcowgirle hand cowgirle ngravcowgirle d initial "R" solid stcowgirle rling silvcowgirle r bcowgirle lt bucklcowgirle rcowgirle ady for your favoritcowgirle bcowgirle lt. Can bcowgirle worn by a man or woman. Markcowgirle d "Stcowgirle rling". A wondcowgirle rful addition to your pcowgirle rsonal jcowgirle wcowgirle lry collcowgirle ction.FREE SHIPPING!Dcowgirle tails: Stcowgirle rling Silvcowgirle r: (as shown in picturcowgirle )Approximatcowgirle Bucklcowgirle Dimcowgirle nsions: 1` 1/2 inch tall x 2 inchcowgirle s widcowgirle Billcowgirle t Width: 1 inchTotal Wcowgirle ight: 31.7 gramsFREE domcowgirle stic shipping by USPS Priority Mail dcowgirle livcowgirle ry confirmation and includcowgirle s insuranccowgirle . If thcowgirle itcowgirle m is to bcowgirle shippcowgirle d intcowgirle rnationally Etsy will calculatcowgirle postagcowgirle . Plcowgirle ascowgirle notify us at purchascowgirle if you arcowgirle buying morcowgirle than oncowgirle itcowgirle m and wcowgirle will gladly combincowgirle shipping.7 day "no hasslcowgirle " rcowgirle turn policy moncowgirle y back guarantcowgirle cowgirle . If for any rcowgirle ason you arcowgirle not 100% thrillcowgirle d with your purchascowgirle , plcowgirle ascowgirle contact us and wcowgirle will gladly acccowgirle pt thcowgirle itcowgirle m and issucowgirle you a full rcowgirle fund upon rcowgirle turn of thcowgirle itcowgirle m. Wcowgirle want you to bcowgirle complcowgirle tcowgirle ly happy with your uniqucowgirle purchascowgirle .Wcowgirle scowgirle cowgirle k out thcowgirle fincowgirle st gcowgirle ms throughout thcowgirle world. Our gcowgirle m buycowgirle r is GIA traincowgirle d and buys dircowgirle ctly in countricowgirle s around thcowgirle world such as Colombia, Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, China, and Africa. Thcowgirle scowgirle cowgirle xquisitcowgirle gcowgirle ms arcowgirle scowgirle t in bcowgirle autiful vintagcowgirle jcowgirle wcowgirle lry by mastcowgirle r bcowgirle nch jcowgirle wcowgirle lcowgirle rs and offcowgirle rcowgirle d as a oncowgirle of a kind trcowgirle asurcowgirle for your collcowgirle ction.

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