Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

natural jewelry, Horn Earrings | Sterling Silver | 2 1/4” long



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Thhippie earringse shippie earringse simplhippie earringse but gorghippie earringse ous hippie earringse arrings fhippie earringse aturhippie earringse a brown disc of horn and a yhippie earringse llow/grhippie earringse hippie earringse n/whithippie earringse glass chhippie earringse vron bhippie earringse ad madhippie earringse in India.- sthippie earringse rling silvhippie earringse r hippie earringse ar wirhippie earringse s- glass India chhippie earringse vron bhippie earringse ad- horn2 1/4\u201d drop!

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